Bueno Shipping OU
Your benefits
We transport
and outsize
is 4-5 days
We will provide
up to 20%
reduction of your
logistics costs
We will make
a 45 EURO discount
for each
container from
the first shipment
200 TEU
from Europe
to Saint-Petersburg
every week
We can and we do it for you
We pick up
We arrange the necessary transport for loading at the Shipper's warehouse. We deliver to the port (as needed).
We consolidate,
We perform cargo weighing, execute VGM, provide cargo insurance, store in the warehouse.
Shipment from
the port
We load the cargo on a linear wessel, check and confirm with you all documents. We deliver the cargo to the port of destination.
We receive the cargo
in the port
We discharge the cargo at the port. We prepare all documents, settled all formalities with customs, port and state authorities.
Cargo release
and delivery
We release cargo to you. If necessary we arranged customs clearance and transportation to your warehouse.
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About the line

Sea line "Bueno Shipping Line" was created by the international team of logisticians in Europe. Currently, the line offers regular service from Europe to St. Petersburg for its customers.

The main sphere of activity of the line is transportation of cargo in containers and special container equipment (tank-container, open-top, flat-rack). As needed, we provide transport for loading to the warehouse of your consignor.

Our specialists will execute all the necessary formalities and deliver the cargo to your warehouse. Delivery from the port can be arranged by road or railway transport.

We are also ready to transport any project, outsize and heavy load cargo along with your containers. For the transportation of the outsize and heavy load cargoes we will obtain all the necessary permits, the transportation will be performed involving the necessary means of transportation.

You no longer have to think of how to organize shipment of the different types of cargo in one bath and by one vessel. We will do it for you as soon as possible.

For the further information for making decision, please, do not hesitate to contact us:


We will be pleased to answer all your questions concerning the organization of the transportation.

Operating principles
Mutually beneficial interaction with the client and the individual approach
We search for the ways of solving and implementation of the pre-set tasks
Strict fulfilment of all the rules and requirements, attention to all the peculiarities of cargo
The quality of the services rendered is achieved due to professionalism of the employees
Confidentiality and following the interests of the client